I came from Beginnings... by Anita
I came from Beginnings... by Anita

A little about me, some of my dear clients from way back, know some, and some know a little and then some none at all. I grew up here in Whyalla and as many, my family moved out here from abroad, us being from Denmark. My parents, my brother and me. My Dad with the promise of a house and a new job and good money and a new life in Australia, we set sail in 1972. I was 7 and soon my dad started work in the shipyards and we got a lovely brand new house in the up and coming Long Street area.
After high school I moved to Sydney’s Northern Beaches at the ripe old age of 16, can you imagine a young, me going to a big city like that. Wow still feels like someone else today, after coming from a country town like Whyalla, back then. A huge leap if faith into the unknown was taken.

I met and married my first husband there and had 2 of my 3 boys, :) a very proud period of my life. I fell in love with Sydney and the Northern Beaches and lived there for 12 years. After that we moved back to South Australia, Chasing a better way of life in Adelaide, for our 2 boys.

Happy and settled in Adelaide along came my last baby, wow now 28 years old and a father of one gorgeous little girl himself. When he was still in preschool, I decided to do my hairdressing, and as they say the rest is history, nah just kidding!
After my course and a few years working I took the plunge (while still very green in hairdressing I might add) and bought my first salon. That was an experience, scary stuff, swim or sink stuff. A few more years after that and a couple more courses, I sold up and worked from home, mobile hairdressing. Which was great for the boys as I worked around there schooling and sports. I did that for 6 years.
A whole new chapter then begins. I meet my second husband, who I met coming back to Whyalla for a school reunion, who would have thought? We got married and I bought my second salon in Adelaide, after a few more years we decided to move back to Whyalla during the One Steel Reline project for work in 2004, and yet another chapter of life begins.

Initially I had planned to have 12 months off to house renovations, after 8 months I was onto another project. I bought my third salon. Looking back I was quite mad as in crazy mad. Yeah well after 3 years I think? We decided to move back to Adelaide so I sold the salon, and the house about to go on the market, we got cold feet and decided to stay. Oh boy, yes you got it. I bought my fourth salon! Now, I know in hind sight, I was crazy. For whoever tells you otherwise, there is no money in this little business, but lots of hard work and LOVE.

After 9 years and some months, a few apprentices a trailer load of work experience girls and loads of fun and heart ache I might add to. It was time to move on yet again to new beginnings. I decided with a push, from hubby of course, (actually many pushes) to move my business home. I think that would constitute as my fifth salon, don’t you think? Three months of renovating our 5 x 5 garage into a salon, working every weekend Saturday and Sunday was a huge effort and produced a great result that I am very proud of. I started working from there on the 26th of August 2016. I cannot believe it has been 2 years, as neither can anyone else. My god time is just going way too fast or are we just having too much fun? ;) he he he I have been very lucky to meet some wonderful people and have gained, over my 14 years of hairdressing in Whyalla, some fantastic and loyal clients. Whom, I still tend their hair to date. I love working from home, and I really do feel blessed to have the security and comfort of working from home without the burden of rent and overheads. I best add, also the luxury of only working 4 days a week. Having said that I think this is my forever job right here. Then you never, never know do you? ;) Big smiles.
Join me in another chapter together here at Hair on Kittel Street
Be happy, much love.