Contrary to the horror stories you may have read in Cosmo or Men's Health, a professional Brazilian Wax doesn't hurt as much as people think.

For instance, men often comment afterwards that their chest is more painful to have waxed than their scrotum.  For women, tenderness is greatly reduced if they're waxed after their period rather than before.

Brazilian Waxing means different things to different people.  It all comes down to the removal of hair from the genital region, and it is a service now equally as popular with men and women, young and old, straight and gay, professional and blue-collar.

A male Brazilian Wax includes waxing of all or some of the following areas, depending on what you want:  bikini line, the penis shaft, scrotum, perineum, and the pubic crest (tuft of hair above the penis).

For women, a Brazilian Wax can include bikini line, pubic crest, mons, external labia, and perineum.

Brazilian Waxing enhances the erogenous sensitivity of the genital area.  Some people book treatments because they wear skimpy clothing or simply because their partners prefer it.  There are dozens of reasons, but whatever the case, clients agree that it looks better and feels much cleaner.  Our repeat client rate is close to 90%, and that fact speaks for itself.

Why did I make that point?  Well, basically, there are two types of Brazilian Wax treatments - a good one, and a painful one.  As someone who learned the hard way, trust me when I say that it's important that you know the difference between the two before you, book a treatment.

Whether you use SALON 33 or someone else, here are the four best pieces of advice you will ever read on Brazilian Waxing.


    Waxing is an unregulated industry and anyone can hire a shop front, so don't mistake a Therapist as qualified just because they have a salon with pretty lights and flashing gismos.  You are about to let them loose on a very personal part of your body and it's your right to know that they are skilled, so don't hesitate to ask to see their credentials.

    If they're qualified to perform Brazilian Wax treatments, they won't be offended by your request.  In fact, their credentials will most likely be proudly displayed on the wall.  However, if they can't oblige your request, my suggestion is to run.


    Businesses need to turn a profit or they'll go broke.  That's a fact of life.  If a business sells a service at a discounted price, that's fine, but they still have to pay rent, wages, and so on.  There are only two ways that they can turn a profit - cut costs by using cheaper wax, or pump through a lot of clients fast.

    Quantity, not quality.

    Do you really want your special bits treated that way?  Or is it worth spending another fifteen bucks down the road?


    There are two types of professional wax: Strip and Hot Wax.  Both types are applied with a small spatula and are quite warm, between 45 and 65 degrees, but that's where the similarities end.

    Strip wax requires a cotton strip to remove it.  It's perfect for large areas of the body but it's not designed for sensitive regions such as eyebrows, face, bum crease, and genitalia.

    Despite this fact, strip wax is still widely used for the wrong purpose. If you choose this option for your Brazilian Wax, you'll have the bruises and skin tears to prove it.

    On the other hand, hot wax sets on its own and comes off like a pliable strip of plastic.

    It's specifically designed for sensitive areas, and if used with a high quality pre-wax oil, greatly reduces the chance of skin trauma.

    Ask your Therapist what kind they use for Brazilian Waxing, especially if their price is cheap. Give them three stars if they use hot wax, an extra star if it contains titanium dioxide to reduce skin trauma, and the final star if they use a top grade pre-wax oil.


    Does the person on the phone sound nervous? Are they uncomfortable discussing specific details of the Brazilian Wax treatment? If so, chances are that they'll behave exactly the same way during the waxing session.

    Brazilian Waxing is a very specialized field, and practitioners must feel confident with what they are doing, and completely at ease with the naked human body. If not, they are likely to use awkward movements, and the session will be painful.

    During a Brazilian Wax, girls wear a disposable g-string, while guys are nude for obvious reasons.

    We do our best to preserve your modesty throughout, and at no time will you be asked to get into strange positions.

    If your pubic hair is long, we may trim it first. It is best not to attempt it yourself before the treatment, or you may cut the hair too short.

    We'll then apply a cooling antiseptic solution, followed by pre-wax oil to help the wax adhere to the hair and not the skin.

    We use a special Brazilian Wax blend by Mancine, titanium dioxide enriched, and infused with vanilla bean, almond oils that will overwhelm your senses.

    We'll take our time throughout to ensure the very best result, talking you through the process as we go.

    At the end of the treatment, we'll apply ingrown(zone) triple action depilitory lotion, which soothes the area beautifully. Also reduces unsightly ingrowns, waxing bumps and retards new growth.

    Then finally, we'll give you some handy after-care tips and suggestions to make the most of your Brazilian Waxing treatment.

    And that's it. Doesn't sound so scary now, does it?

    Our goal is to keep you happy and hopefully see you again. If you have any questions before or after your Brazilian Wax treatment, don't hesitate to call.


Strip Wax is a synthetic wax used for removing hair from large parts of the body, such as legs, buttocks, backs, and arms.

It differs from Hot Wax in that it usually consists of synthetic ingredients such as latex, whereas Hot Wax is made from natural ingredients like resin and honey.

The positives of Strip Wax over Hot Wax are that it's less expensive, quicker to do large areas, and takes less time to heat up. You also don't need to use pre-wax oil.

The downsides of Strip Wax are that it is more likely to cause trauma to the skin if you have to go over the same area too many times, and it is less likely to pick up fine, short hairs.

It also requires the use of calico or paper strips, and takes longer to clean up.


Hot Wax is a resin-based wax used for removing hair from sensitive parts of the body, such as bikini line, genitals, face, and eyebrows.

It differs from Strip Wax in that it usually consists of natural ingredients such as honey, bees wax, resin, and essential oils, whereas Strip Wax is made from synthetic ingredients like latex.

The positives of Hot Wax over Strip Wax are that it's far less likely to cause trauma to the skin, especially if it's used with the correct pre-wax oil, and it will grip fine hairs much better than Strip Wax.

It is also self-supporting, so it doesn't need strips to remove it from the skin. Clean up is quicker and easier as well.

The downsides of Hot Wax are that it is more expensive, takes longer to heat up, and takes more time to treat larger areas.